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Villages of character

Discover the villages of character.


Capital of the Coteaux de l'Aubance and "Anjou-Villages Brissac" Brissac-Quince telling you its history through its castle, mills (eleven once surrounded the city), its church and its crypt (underground chapel).

Since the beginning of the sixteenth century, the Castle of Brissac is the property and residence of the Dukes of Brissac. The architecture of the castle makes it the highest castle in France, there are seven floors in total, as well as 200 rooms, and its facade reflects the influences of the Baroque era. You will also appreciate its gardens.

Savennieres (Village of Character)

You will enjoy a wander through this village on the banks of the Loire River. Discover the slopes planted with vineyards from the time of the Romans, admire the numerous residence from the 18th and 19th centuries surrounded by their gardens and schist walls, visit one of the oldest Roman churches of Anjou with its red bricks arranged in a herring bone design, appreciate the 18th century painted wall coverings in the Presbytery, daydream under the 300 year old plane tree, classed as "Arbre remarquable" (remarkable tree) in the Fresne Public Park.

Island of Behuard

The town of Béhuard is located on an island on the river, 16 km from Angers. Because of its geographical position, Béhuard often undergoes the hoods of the Loire. The church "Notre Dame de Béhuard" built under Louis XV, in the XVth century, was built on a rock.

Island of Saint Aubin

It's at the heart of the Maine river that was formed Saint Aubin island.
Situated five minutes from the town center, a wonderful scenery opens to you ...
A favourite place for Angevine hikers, the island has also an agricultural vocation nowadays. It shelters nearly 500 cattles and serves as home to an organisation protecting birds and a fishing association.